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Brand: Ashieda

Product Description

Moisturizing is one of the most important steps to beautiful skin. Ensure your skin is beautiful with our facial treatment products.

  • The Hydrating Day And Night Cream is a facial treatment product that is clinically proven to strengthen the hydration in your skin by 440 percent in less than two days.
  • Your skin will feel refreshed and hydrated due to the natural ingredients.
  • There is a combination of active ingredients that will help to thoroughly hydrate your skin. 

 A lack of moisture is the culprit behind wrinkles. By taking advantage of a facial treatment product that increases hydration in your skin, you’re able to add elasticity back for a youthful look. This facial treatment product is a universal moisturizer to help your skin stay hydrated. There is a blend of active ingredients that helps to nourish your skin as well as increase the hydration in it. You’ll experience a tightness and firmness in your skin that helps it become healthier and more beautiful. With this moisturizer, you can expect an increase of moisture by 500 percent after one week. In addition, 90 percent of individuals who used this facial treatment product saw decreases of lines and wrinkles. For a fresh and ageless look, try this moisturizer. 

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  • 500 percent accrue of moisture


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